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Communication Skills & Strategies

Communication Skills & Communication Strategies

An organization is a group of unrelated people coming together to achieve common goals beneficial for the organization. They all are spread in different team executing different functions. They hold different designations, varying levels of power, different attitudes and style of working, varying levels of skills etc. But, they are a part f one single system and therefore there are occasions on a daily, weekly monthly basis for them to communication to each other on a one-to-one basis or a team-to-team basis. The degree of ease with which these communication sessions takes place will decide the degree of success of the outcome of the purpose of these communication sessions. Now, how would you create a single communication system that will tie every single member of a diversified organization? Some organizations use the organizational culture achieved over years to achieve this with limited degree of success.

The real solution to this challenge will come from having a central communication strategy. The body language and attitude of each employee must be directed towards the shared vision and goals of the organization. Each one has to visualize, speak and act in a synchronized manner and this similarity has to over a period of time emerge into the organizational culture.  

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