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Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills Development

The vital role a leader plays within an organization and ways to unearth talent with leadership qualities and ways to nuture it has been a subject of discussion within organizations from time immemorial. Leaders inspire action thus they create profitability and growth. With their mere presence leaders can create an environment of momentum and positive outlook. To have a few true leaders within their fold is the best thing any organization can ask for with respect to growing the organization. Leaders are catalysts they help to achieve the threshold required for action and multiply the outcome. But what goes into making a real leader? Can leaders be produced through a formula? What is the process of to know if an particular individual is a leader material? Do they show some symptoms?

Leadership qualities are dormant until an occasion to use them come. Leadership is a reaction to challenges that comes across. When a manager and a leader performs similar functions within an organization a manager will treat the symptoms of a challenge while a leader will work towards a solution to cure the root cause. Leaders posses a rare vision to see the future and thus be aware of the road to the future and thus lead organization.

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