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Managerial Skills

Managerial Skills Development

The management set-up of an organization is the think-tank, planning-mechanism and execution-machinery of an organization. This set-up is almost always responsible for the smooth functioning of various departments and the whole organization by and large. They are the ones who generate profits for organizations. Reams have been written about various management theories, styles and models. There is a billion dollar industry churning out management talent for various industry segments and functions. But still organizations complain about the lack of management talent, why is that? It is because theory and practical is diabolically different. No two organizations is same - so general principles or theories taught in the management school can only act as a template for creating solution and not the solution itself.

It is essential to calibrate each member of the management staff to suit the organizational challenges peculiar to each organization. While respect to their theoretical understanding they must also be tested for their taste for taking ownership in practical situations. It becomes easy then for any organization to get the best out each of their management staff and easily plan succession and have enough bench strength in the management side.

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