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M-L-S Strategy & Team Building

Treating Marketing, Lead Generation and Sales (M-L-S) activities in silos takes fizz out of these activities. These are three different pieces of a single puzzle and needs to be designed that way. When there is no relation between your marketing brief and lead generation activities and your sales force disconnected from the ‘thinking’ behind what they are selling your customers getting different and sometimes contradictory versions of what you offer. This need to be avoided at all cost since this is counter-productive creates unnecessary hassles within the revenue generation and customer care mechanism. Also, the team that responsible for executing your M-L-S strategy must capable enough to handle the nuances. A holistic M-L-S strategy and a team that ably execute that strategy is an essential part of any winning business.

It takes time, planning and resources to create an effective M-L-S Strategy and recruiting and developing a stable & capable M-L-S team. Having well defined goals and target schedules will help. Understanding the far-reaching effects of the products or service involved, market segmentation and customers and their needs are important aspects as well.

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