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Journey So Far

Way back in 2000 we started out as PowerAxis – Center of Human Engineering a small outfit for education research & development. It was a venture started by some youngsters who had limited funds but sufficient professional experience in training and training management. The aim of that organization was to impart soft-skills and life-skills to young professionals so that they could face their challenges with confidence and competence. People development was always a passion for the team that worked under this banner and they thrived in assisting professionals and upcoming professionals to excel in their choice of work. Their zeal for people development helped them get business from education and education management sector.  They prepared models for students and young professionals. Communication skills, self-awareness skills, mental abilities, interpersonal skills, learning skills etc were their service offerings. They offered alo of individual coaching to students on various topics.

That organization was rebranded in 2010 as another company, Sales Game India, to provide sales training, sales process outsourcing and sales force development to corporate clients. It was a small set-up with a team size of 15-20 catering to sectors like Engineering, IT & ITES, Automobiles, Retail & Travel & Tourism. The team behind this entity was again people largely from sales & business development. The business development aspect of business was always an interesting subject for this team. And they passionately experimented with a combination of – market fundamentals, sales skills and people development to gain and grow their business. They were largely catering to businesses in and around Mumbai and a few clients abroad. Sales consulting were a major area that got them good clients. They were also offering services like Team Development, Process Development (building Collaterals and other management processes), Pilot project Execution (looking at the feasibility of up scaling an account) Key Account Management and Client Management.

In order to foray into other segments of business activities and segments and accommodate more varied talent Sales Game India was revamped into a Consulting & Advisory Services, Executive Coaching and Be-Spoke Training company in December 2015 with the business name Train to Prosper. This company will strive to bring the best of Consulting & Advisory Services, Executive Coaching and Be-Spoke to corporate customers and help them gain momentum in their business environment and achieve growth faster. We are offering our services (Consulting & Advisory Services, Executive Coaching and Be-Spoke Training) to start-ups, entrepreneurs, business people, SMEs and established companies. 

With a bunch of proprietary by tools (one under the process of patent) and authentic copy righted content and a core team of experts that come from Business Consulting and Business Advisory Services also a pool of expert trainers and coaches from various industry segments from across India Train to Prosper is aiming for a spurt in growth in the coming years.