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Martin Athanas

A passionate trainer, Martin is the founder-director of Train to Prosper Training Services. He is a lot into new training module development and is of aware all aspects of learning & development function.  He is a trainer- mentor-coach he would always bring-out optimum outcome from all his participants. Having seen both a career in sales, marketing and business development spanning 10 years and starting his own venture, Martin can add a lot of value large, medium and start-ups organizations that look for quick growth vertically as well as horizontally.

With over 20 years of experience in education research & development, training, sales, entrepreneurship and team management, Martin has createdtwo of India’s most unique training modules - Customer Master Sales Training Module & Maximum Achievement Program (MAP).

Customer Master Sales Training Module: A thorough method of segregating customers as per their basic human nature (psychology) and buying pattern. This module with copyright protection has creates a ‘mask-method’ to identify, communicate, build rapport, present product/service, negotiate price, close sales and manage customer after sales. Target realization can be increased by more than 10% in the first intervention. The benefits of this program can be offered to;

sales teams, marketing teams, business development teams, lead generation teams, appointment setting teams & customer care and support teams 

Maximum Achievement Program MAP (MAP): A life-style molding program that systematizes how a person spends time on a daily basis and synthesizes a progressive framework for an individual to achieve any specific aim that the individual is passionate to achieve. This program have helped people, youngsters and professionals alike, to go after their dreams systematically and chase them down successfully.