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Role Fitment & Candidate Selection

Role Fitment Modelling & Right Candidate Selection

Recruitment is and talent acquisition is the single most activity that can make or break an organization. If done with intent and planning with help of right tools it can bring real talent to an organization that in turn can take the organization to great heights. But if done hap hazardously without any thought or understanding it can get reduced to a ‘hire-and-fire’ machinery with a Pandora’s box. Along with correctly defining various roles and their importance within the organization it is vital to model the kind of people that can fit into each role. When at one side we need to define the complexities involved in playing a role to the best effect on the other had we must define the character traits needed in the candidate to ably tackle those complexities and produce optimum results.

There a lot to be done before the recruitment process is started on the study of the kind of roles we have and the type of people we need to play those roles to perfection. It needs to be discussed well articulated well and tools designed in tandem to observe and evaluate candidates appearing. There is a candidate who can play a role to the best effect. Defining the role well and having tools to zero-in on that perfect candidate is what is needed.

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